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Pam & Rich Cary 630-632-5190: Create Your Future with Cary Wellness Associates
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Pam and Rich were born and raised in the Buffalo, NY area. They are both graduates of Cornell University and have made their home in the Chicago area for over 20 years. They are the proud parents of 5 children, ages 6-14.

Before becoming a Shaklee distributor, Pam spent 11 years as a buyer for a large, international grocery store chain. She holds a B.S. in Agricultural Economics and has worked with hundreds of food manufacturers. She is very concerned about the extensive processing that takes place with our food supply and understands the challenges we face as we attempt to bring nutritional food to our tables.

In 2000, after the birth of their third child, Pam decided to become a Shaklee distributor. She has taken Shaklee's nutritional supplements since she was a child and shares her "lifetime" of product knowledge and experience to help others. She is full of energy and is very passionate about helping others create healthier lives.

She works full-time as a Mom and part-time at her Shaklee business. She currently holds the rank of Senior Coordinator. (see Income Opportunity).

Rich works full-time (and more) as the Chief Accounting Officer for one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world. He supports their Shaklee business and anxiously awaits the day when Pam fulfills her promise to pay the college tuition for all 5 children from her Shaklee earnings.

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